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The Next Harvest is Jan 16th
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We are very excited to start Campbell’s Choice Cuts LLC and be able to sell an excellent product to our friends and family.  We started raising cattle for beef several years ago on a very small scale.  The FFA SAE project has grown into something we are very proud to offer. All beef sold by Campbell's Choice Cuts are calves that were born and raised on our family farm in Dot, Kentucky. Once weaned from their mothers, they are moved to another pasture and fed with a mixed grain ration until they are 90 days away from harvest. For 90-120 days pre harvest, they are fed a complete diet of hay and mixed grain.  No pasture is available to the calves at this time to avoid an onion taste in the meat! 

Calves can be purchased by the quarter (1/4 beef), or as individual retail cuts. Each quarter has approximately 105lbs of meat, which includes: 
    26 lbs of ground hamburger meat
    26 lbs of hamburger patties
    3.75 lbs of brisket
    3 lbs of meat for stew 
    8 lbs of round steak (8 steaks) 
    8 lbs of sirloin steak (4 steaks) 
    7 lbs of T-bone steak (8 steaks)  
    7 lbs of chuck roast (3 roasts) 
    6 lbs of Rib-eye steak (6 steaks)
    2.5 lbs of rump roast 
    5 lbs of arm roast 
    3 lbs of sirloin tip steak
This is an approximation and may vary depending on how you want yours custom cut. For example, any roast can be ground into hamburger. Steaks can be cut to the desired thickness and can be packaged to your preference (2 or 4 steaks per package).

These calves are taken to Livingston’s Meat Processing in Hopkinsville, KY. They are cut under USDA inspection.