Campbell's Choice Cuts
All Natural Beef   

Package Price: Ranked #1 by CCC's Customers

1/4 beef:  $600

*1/4 beef includes all vacuum packaged retail cuts on home page

*Make Checks payable to Campbell's Choice Cuts LLC

Purchase 4 quarters (one whole calf) pay $1.30/lb.  Fat calves weigh ~ 1300lbs. Your calf will be weighed.  Processing will be paid separately to Livingstons meat processing. 

Purchase Process:

1/4 beef purchases require a 25 dollar per quarter deposit.

CCC's delivers 1/4 beef purchases to your freezer for $50 or you pick-up your fresh cut, vacuum packaged
product at Livingstons in Hopkinsville.

The Next Harvest Date is set for October 9th Aged and packaged meat will be ready for your freezer 12-14 days post harvest. 

Call Jay today to place your order for the spring or summer!